India is a country with immense capabilities and abundance of oppurtunities. A country with a population of 133 crores out of which 19 percent are the people in the age group of 19 to 25 years. This particular age group is considered the youth of India and are often called the Future of the country. Out all products sold or the services rendered by manufacturers and service providers, this age group is the biggest consumer. Many brands whether be it Fashion Apparel brands or food joints are directly and indirectly targeting this age group. This is to increase their sales and also their loyal consumer bases.

India is ranking 3rd on the Consumer Market Index only after the United States and China. Now imagine all of this consumption done by the the 2nd most populated country in the world. Here a vast majority is the group of people who are young enough to try any new brand, any new taste or any new service rendered by New entries in the consumer market.

This acceptability of the young consumers are driving more investments in the fashion, food, entertainment and education industry in India. This has introduced the trend of money oriented products and services which surely assures quality and also provides value for money. Now when we understand that the majority of youth in india are not too wealth. Despite of the fact, they still invest in products and services that are expensive. We can see how food joints such as KFC and starbucks have captured indian markets and how youth is so driving to them.

Why Indian market is essential ?

Youth of india
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In the current scenario, the world is focusing more and more on indian market because they know the potential of indian buyers and precisely the potential of young buyers. But is that the only metric to decide the capability of indian youth ?

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The youth of india with its immense capabilities can bring a lot of changes in the time to come, Not just economically but philosophically too. Not forgetting what our ancestors taught us but learning from our own conditions and experiences too. In many other fields we have proven ourselves to be some of the best in the world. We also proved ourselves in medical field. We have sent our doctors all around the world and they are one of the finest doctors in the world. Many more young minds are pursuing their medical career and are striving to become some of the best trained medical professionals in the world. In engineering, india trains more than 40 lakh Engineers every year and many have proven to be recognizable in the world.

Youth Potential

With the growing trend of digitalization in the world, the youth of India is not far behind too. We are among the top internet users of the world. Fields such as writing, content creation, digital marketing, event management, mass media and other creative content fields are not very popular but many young brains are entering and revolutionizing these industries.

With this big young workforce india can rank one in no time on different global indexes and the world wouldn’t be surprised. We only have to be focused and devoted to our genre. Its very important that we create the india that would give more and more opportunities to the upcoming generations. With development, there comes greater social responsibilities. Building a nation with such diversity is never easy. But easy has never been our forté. Indian Youth can do much better than what has been expected from them.

Youth of India
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What young india doesn’t want from their predecessors ?

• The youth don’t need pressure for career options and judgements on the marks they procured in school or college. Definitely marks can not decide their future.

• Youth of india wants to progress their lifestyle and the choices they make are not disregard to their predecessors but its their call to live their life their way.

• The youth of India doesn’t want Old communal tension to escalate just because it has happened before. They have learned to live and let live.

The best thing you can do to grow in life is to accept and forgive. The youth of india is very much intelligent and intellectual to understand that violence has never ended up well. People die and no one gets anything out of it. Make India Proud because the young minds are determined to grow and not move back.