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The news on Tuesday morning rattled with Jyotiraditya Scindia forwarding his resignation to the congress party high command. Its pretty obvious that what is going to happen next. As 18 MLA’s have also signed off their resignation from the cabinet of the Kamalnath Government in Madhya Pradesh. As the Rajya Sabha polls are approaching and Scindia not getting top spot by the party amid speculations that Scindia was about to break ties with Indian National Congress. This shows the arrogance of the congress High command.

Once scindia was a close associate of Rahul Gandhi and now ? Well now things have completely changed. In the upcoming days, most probably Scindia is signing in with the Bhartiya Janta Party. What happens next ? The BJP will form the government in Madhya Pradesh. Now this is not the real defeat for the Indian National Congress. But what is, its 18 years long associate moving away. Why ? Because the congress High command is already too arrogant.

Reason why the Indian National Congress Is falling

Most of us are already wondering that in such a crisis for the Congress Party, where it doesn’t hold much good reputation in the country like it did once, its still commiting huge mistakes and people don’t know why ? Is it because BJP is playing the smarter game ? Have days ended for Indian National Congress ? Are there no good leadership left in the party ?

Well all of these are true, BJP is playing the smarter game. Day might be over for INC and obviously there is no such leadership that can bring about change in the party but more than any of these, there is a much more greater cause for the Downfall of INC.

First Indian National congress session in 1885, Bombay
First congress session in 1885, Bombay

To better understand the situation, lets understand how we got Independence from the Britishers ? Well back then, we were divided into a lot of groups, individually wanting freedom but we didn’t knew how to manage freedom. Or what would we do after the Britishers left us. People had no clue what Independence actually meant for them. For some it was just Independence from the beatings and some considered being independent was being rich. Some thought maybe we were going to be free from taxes. While some wondered they were going to be free from social burdens. Back then, the leadership of the INC wasn’t in the hands of its presidents. There was this one man who communicated to the people that Freedom would give them a place of whatever they were wondering they would get.


Gandhi, created a sense of collectiveness among the people and conveyed that the ideas of the INC was to bring that change required in everyone’s life and not that INC was just after forming the government.

Gandhi: Indian National Congress
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This sense of collective goal was portrayed as the ideoloy of the Indian National Congress. Gandhi never mentioned that the party was looking forward to make the government. Until the country was about to get free from British Raj. Gandhi knew that if people realized that after the Britishers were gone they would be answering to other lords and sirs, people would never walk behind him. Ideology of congress was portrayed as the sense of Freedom, not just from the Britishers, but from every boundation. This planned ideology was successful in getting the support it required and people supported everything congress ever told them.

Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi
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After the Independence, many top notch leaders made sure that they recite that ideology and they actually did it for long. The last of such great leader was Rajiv Gandhi, who was smart enough to side with the common public. The ideology of congress, that meant freedom, took other names such as progress, development but with time it failed in convincing the common people what it did back in 1947. People started seeing it as more of a promising party than a delivering one. On top of everything, INC suddenly went out of good leadership. What was once the biggest driving force of the country now became merely a Family oriented Business. This was the main reason why in 2014, the masses turned its back on the INC.

Indian National Congress
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Is there a way back ?

Since 2014, the picture have been very clear. The High command of the INC seems like it doesn’t even care if it loses its best men on ground while it just bitches about its major opponent, the BJP. The ideology that once brought so many people together is long gone, and what remains is the leftovers of a stale political party which is failing every day, on every front. So next anybody asks you why congress is falling, its not because of BJP. Its because, the party’s intentions are not clear. Moreover, its goals are not accurate, its leadership is unavailable, its ideology is wavering and the party is in the worst situation after its inception.

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