Why is religion an issue in India ?

So we are already in the year 2020. The modern era began around 500 years back when europe saw the industrial revolution. The world is progressing on various fronts such as Art, technology and in fields of medicine, astronomy and others. In short, we are at the top of our capabilities as a world community. Amidst all these global developement, why religion in india is an issue ?

Religion in india
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Mankind has overcome all obstacles and has done everything for its survival. But who will save man from man himself ?

The most devastating drawbacks of mankind was to develop a sense of distinction. When we classified ourselves in races, colours, religions and castes, we ensured our doom in that moment itself. You see when a lion hunts, it hunts for hunger while when a man hunts, it hunts for the pleasures of hunting.

Religion has given us a sense of living while it divided us on the most fundamental grounds of belongingness. Where we teach our children to belong to a certain group and not welcome the ones outside that group. This process of providing prejudice to their children we have developed this stupidity of communalism.

Modernisation and adaptation is the biggest fear of Religion

Religion In India

Now in today’s India, these two groups are against each other both claiming themselves right and the other wrong. But have we thought of consequences this is going to bring ?

This rapid growth and the upliftment of lower classes due to economic development has brought fear among the top classes. The game of communalism is the easiest to play in a country with such a diversity of culture, language and religion. Many people think that their thoughts are the clearest and most appropriate for the future of the nation while some think that they are ones who are already bringing the change by promoting religious sentiments among different religious groups like Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others.

Spreading hate among these religion in india is the new trend in social media as there is a clear propaganda visible to break apart the integrity of the country. No government is responsible and no opposition is responsible. Its us. We are responsible for these horrors.

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No. Politics and other things are all secondary. Governments will come and go, but where will this mindset of ours will take us ?

Its time we think about those children’s lives whose parents will die in this fight of supremacy. Think of those who work and feed their family, if they die, who would take the responsibility of their families. Fighting against each other is the easiest thing to do. Co-existing with each other is difficult but what happened to my INDIA which preached the world of communal Harmony. Why is it so important to prove each other wrong ?

Have you ever thought that these riots will never draft what you wanted out of them ? You will achieve nothing. And when you do something without any aim, its called doing it for pleasure. And this pleasure is going to cost us the horrors of a lifetime. Another black friday ? Another godhra ? What do you want out of it ?

If we don’t understand today, we will be cursed by the generations that will come.

Religion in India
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Its only us who can stop this. No government, police or military can stop it. It us. Lets forget and forgive. Sometimes its worth to live and let live. Religion is just a way of living. It doesn’t distinguishes HUMANS FROM HUMANS. Help me spread this message to my INDIA.

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Instead of spreading hate comments on social media. Tag your hindu/muslim friends and tell them that you love them and that none of this will ever change things between you. Lets show the INDIA that believes in LOVE AND HARMONY.

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