Are you facing a problem of your AC leaking water ?Are you looking for a solution to your AC water leak ? If yes then you are on the right place. We are providing complete solution to your problem, right here.

AC water leaks are not something very unusual. More or less people experience this problem once in a while due to various factors. Sometimes when the problem is handy, you can work it up well. but sometimes its more technical and in such cases you will need to call a professional to sort things out for you. When you see your AC leaking water, the first thing that you need to do is to Switch it OFF.

Possible Reasons for AC leaking water inside your home

  • Drain line malfunction
  • Frozen coils
  • Pan and Pump disorder
  • Fitting problems

Drain Line Malfunction

The most common cause why your AC is leaking water is due to the Drain Line malfunction. The mechanism by which your Air Conditioner cools is by eliminating the water vapour from the air. These water vapour condenses into water droplets, it is collected on the coil. The collected water droplets are flowed out through the drain line.

Now if the Drain line is clogged with dirt or trash or by rodents, it leads to water leakage in AC‘s home unit(EVAC).


To clean up the Clogged Drain line you need some handy tools such as-
1) Thin Wire Brush
2) Small Vaccum cleaner (you can use big but use pipe with small diameter)
3) Duct Tape

Steps to clean the Drain pipe
  • Make sure the AC is switched off.
  • Find the drain line which is mostly on the outside near the condenser unit.
  • Use the thin brush to clean the pipe. Push the brush deep inside to bring out dirt and debris.
  • Use the vaccum cleaner to pull out smaller particles. Make sure you use the duct tape to seal the vaccum cleaner properly.
  • You can also use bleach to further clean the pipe.
  • Check before closing off if the pipe is clearing water properly.
  • If you have done it right, you are good to go.
Why is my AC leaking water ?
Professionals changing coils of the HVAC unit

Frozen Coils

Sometimes Drainage line isn’t the problem why your AC is leaking water. Another reason why your AC is dripping water can be the Frozon coils. If this happens, you must understand that if your AC keeps on operating in these conditions, you are doomed. Frozen Coils are caused mainly by two reasons.
1) Reduced airflow due to clogged air filter
2) A refridgerent leak


In this case, your AC is in trouble. This problem can lead to a compressor failure and then you will have to replace the whole unit. To tackle the problem you must see a professional. This is because, if you try to open the air filter, you might not be able to fix it back. in this case, you should call a professional.

Pan and pump disorder

Another prime reason why your AC is dripping water can be a crack in the Drain pan. Your drain pan is located underneath your indoor air handler , and catches any condensation from your air conditioning unit. Turn the AC off and inspect your drain pan and pipe for leaks. The pipe is usually connected to your drip pan and discharges the condensate outside.


The drain pipe sometimes get rusted and weary and develope cracks or holes. Note that there are two pan in the indoor unit. One is underneath the air handler which is permanently hooked in and other one is underneath the unit.
To change the pan which is underneath the unit is easy. You can easily replace it by yourself.

The problem appears with the permanent pan. For that, you will have to call a professional to help you out.

Fitting Problems

The most common reason that can cause your AC leak water is the mistakes done while fitting the AC. If you have fitting problems which could be
1) Tilted AC
2) Drain Pipe not fixed properly


In such cases you will have to re-fit the unit and properly and check if still the AC is dripping water. In much of the cases, the problem can be solved by fitting the unit properly.


All the reasons are discussed above on why is your AC leaking water. You can solve these problems yourself with the help of the methods we have provided above. Water leakage in AC is a common phenomena in recent times but it can worsen if you allow it to continue. You should also service your AC atleast twice in an year to avoid these problems. We hope this information was useful to you and it solved your problem.