Is Quarantine life boring ? Well, Twitter says No !

The world is shaken by the speedy outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus. The virus which started spreading from the People’s Republic of China has now spread to more than 165 countries and has infected over 2 lakh people in the world claiming more than 8,000 deaths in 3 months. Top affected countries such as China, Italy, iran, spain, Germany etc have issued notices to public to not leave their houses until necessary. Many areas have been strictly quarantined due to mass outbreak. Quarantine life is boring. But people have made twitter their new playground and its awesome.

While the world is so desperately waiting for the Corona Virus to go away, many of us are happy living inside our homes. A few who aren’t too happy have also found ways to keep themselves busy and useful. Well, some of these people have taken over twitter to show what they are doing to keep themselves up in this time of despair. Many of them has brought us laughter and many has inspired to stay fit while on quarantine. Some have also showed strength and solidarity with each other in these tough times. This is the beauty of this world which still inspires us to keep hope and stay strong.

Here are some amazing videos on twitter that inspires us, makes us laugh, gives us hope and most importantly helps up cope up with the situation.

This is a video from south africa and its evident that coughing is not usual at all in these recent times 🤣

Music helps reduce stress ? Well this clip here is hell lot of a stressbuster. Check out his moves on the corona song 

Well this one’s quite viral right now. See how Italians are not letting go of the sport. Better than Roger Fedrer ?

This person is surely not getting bored this soon. I am gonna try this out very soon 

Quarantined and Gym is off ? No excuses anymore. Here comes the perfect Cardio for you to be fit during the Corona passes by🤣

Bored of cleaning but Corona on the way ? Well, perfect way to get both covered 🤭

Even the Cats aren’t giving up 

This guy here makes a statement. And you must take him seriously 🤨

Uh-huh ! Corona isn’t stopping that way kid🤯

This is my favorite. Despite being so much in trouble, we still are social animals. Keep up with each other, love and inspire 

In this time of fear and uncertainity, its important that people must keep calm and be aware of their surroundings. Testings for vaccinations has already started and in a few months we will be able to fight this virus. Help people who are quarantined, rejoice and pray for those who have been affected by the virus. Together mankind has always come over every calamity and in this hour of need, spread joy and hope through social networks. Well thanks Twitter !