Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation amid Corona Virus scare

Indian PM Modi addresses the nation on Thursday 8 PM over the mass outbreak of Corona virus. PM Modi announces a JANTA CURFEW on sunday, 22 March. In addition, he appeals to the nation to follow 9 immediate strategy including Janta curfew to prevent massive COVID-19 infection. PM Modi’s address to the nation was much anticipated in these conditions. To inform you, India has already identified over 170 COVID-19 positive cases out of which 4 people died.However 13 people have been released out of isolation as they have been cured of the infection.

The Government of India has already taken necessary actions to contain the outbreak such as banning International flights, shutting down public places such as Gym, Multiplexes, Malls, parks etc. Sanitary actions are also into practice such as sterilizing railway coaches, buses ministeries and other offices. Amid all necessary actions PM Modi’s address to the nation has brought confidence inside the common man.

PM Modi in his address to nation appealed to the masses to not panic and avoid mass gatherings to avoid being contaminated by the Coronavirus. Moreover in his 30 minutes long speech Modi calls for a 9 step action plan for the country.

PM Modi Addresses the nation
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9 Strategies called by Prime Minister Modi are-

1) Each and Every citizen should be aware and vigilant of his surroundings. Avoiding going out of your homes until its very necessary.

2) People above the age of 60 are more prone to the virus, so they should completely avoid going out of their houses.

3) Follow and Support the Janta Curfew on Sunday. Timings are from 7 am to 9 pm.

4) Express gratitude to those who are working on upfront such as Doctors, nurses, other medical staffs, administration and ground level workers by clapping. Show this solidarity at 5PM on sunday.

5) Avoid walking to hospitals for Routine check-ups. However if surgeries are scheduled, try to postpone, if possible.

6) Under the leadership of Finance Minister, COVID-19 ECONOMIC RESPONSE TASK FORCE is being formed to find ways to boost the economy.

7) Do not cut wages of those working in your homes, support staffs, drivers etc for not showing up on work.

8) Avoid panic. Do not stock ration utilities at home. India has sufficient Ration stocks.

9) Keep away from Rumours.

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