The world is facing the largest challenge of the century and this war against Coronavirus is a must win situation for mankind. While we are sitting in our homes, praying for the safety of us and our loved ones, there are people out there who are fighting this Pandemic at the ground level. All the medical professionals, army, police, administrators and other ground staffs around the world are doing a fabulous job while risking their own life. Amid the crisis, the scientists around the world are also working hard to find the perfect cure for COVID-19 and some of them have claimed to find required medicine or vaccines. The most relevant of these is the mRNA- 1273 vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical giant MODERNA THERAPEUTICS. The company says that the vaccine is made using a trial and tested process. On Tuesday, March 17, four patients tested the first vaccine for COVID-19 at Kaiser Permanente Research Facility in Seattle, Washington.

The first person ever to receive the vaccine is a lady from Seattle, a mother of two, Jennifer Haller. The volunteers were being give different doses of the vaccine to better understand the functionality of the same.

If we listen to the experts then, for understanding if this vaccine is actually working might take months. The vaccine unlike other vaccines that are used to cure other viral infections is not made of the virus itself. Mostly, typical vaccines are made up of weak or dead viruses itself but mRNA- 1273 is not made from the virus that causes COVID-19. Instead, it experiments with a segment of the genetic code copied from the virus which is laboratory-made.

In the days to come, more people will be brought under this testing as 45 healthy adult volunteers aged 18 to 45 will be enrolled in the trial over the next six weeks, according to the NIH.

Many more Drug companies and health organizations around the world are working round the clock to generate a helpful result to fight the global pandemic and it’s a race against time. During this, it’s necessary to practice all the safety measures so that we become a help in this fight against COVID-19.