Coronavirus Structure
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Coronavirus (cov) are a large family of viruses they cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as  Middle East respiratory syndrome(MERS-CoV)  and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV). The biggest question that arises in our minds is, how are we affected by coronavirus ?

Corona Virus disease (COVID-19)  is a new strain that has been discovered in the year 2019 and has recently infected half the world.
However, Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cold, shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties.
The reason for panic over COVID-19  in the current time is due to the non-availability  of its vaccination and medicines because of which in severe cases, it may lead to pneumonia,  severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. The research for its vaccination is already going on.

To prevent infection, WHO  suggested certain measures which are-

regular hand washing with soap for 1 minute
covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing or even  yawning
avoid close contact with people until necessary

Impact on world order

The   terror of COVID-19  is on its peak as the virus has spread across 70 nations in 2 months originating from the city of Wuhan in China. The virus has claimed more than 3100 lives had infected more than 1 lakh people around the world. The  implication of this outbreak is not just medical but economical too.  the world is going through a major economic crisis due to the outbreak of this pandemic (declared by WHO).

Most countries including India, USA,  France, Italy, UK and many more have imposed visa curbs. Major world events such as business and sports have been halted. The most affected countries have also Home-quarantined their citizens to avoid infections.
Countries around the globe has censored free flow of trade and human resources. Major factories, manufacturing hubs, schools, colleges etc., are closed due to the increasing fear of infection. Moreover, this has majorly  impacted the World Trade and have force the world to cut cost by suspending business operations around the globe. The employees are granted unpaid leaves and it has affected the productivity.

IN 2020, the projected drop in annual global GDP growth is 2.4% as a whole. In addition, confidence of investors has dropped too, just like the trade around the world,  the impact of which is visible in the stock markets around the world-

Stock market affected by Coronavirus
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>  London’s FTSE   100  share index fell more than 4% and were similar decline in  other European markets.

> the Dow Jones  plunged 10%  on Friday 13 March marking dow’s worst day since 1987.

>  Sensex has fell more than  10,000 points in 2 months due to the Corona virus  scare.

Many other indices such as  DAX,   NASDAQ  100 and NIKKEI 225 has also witnessed steep fall.

Major Events cancelled or postponed  around the world

>  Google news initiative Summit
>  Geneva International Auto Show
>  Facebook F8 Developer Conference
>  Disney in Hong Kong Shanghai and Tokyo
> Australian Grand Prix 2020
> Qatar motorcycle Grand Prix
>  Ted 2020
>  Emerald City comic con
>.  Beverly Hills film festival
>  Formula One World Championship
>  NBA

Major Indian events cancelled or postponed

>  India Fashion Week
>  Gurugram marathon
>  Delhi Literature Festival
>  Ultra Music Festival
>  IIFA Awards (conducted without audience)
>  Indian Premier League 

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