Prime Minister Modi called up a Janta Curfew on Sunday, 22nd March to fight against Coronavirus in India. The intent of this curfew is to stop the chain through which the virus is spreading at a large scale. But there is a lot news on what is happening on the day of the Janta Curfew. We bring all you want to know about Janta Curfew.

The total number of COVID-19 infected rose to 354 in India on Sunday, 22 March. This day also marks the first day of Janta Curfew called up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is the first official day on which we declared a direct war on Coronavirus.

Most of the nations have already shutdown their countries in order to protect their citizens. India has also issued advisories on various fronts related to coronavirus.
Day one of India Vs Corona is ongoing and we already have lots of news coming in already.

Very less traffc in Yamuna expressway due to Janta Curfew

The most important highlights of the day-

  • Rajasthan declares complete lockdown until 31st march.
  • Maharashtra shuts down 3 big cities- Mumbai, pune & Nagpur until further notice. Local transportation has also been halted to a great extent.
  • Delhi Government implies partial shutdown as much of the stores and transportation is halted until 31st march.
  • Orissa Government has locked down its important cities including capital Bhubneswar. Other locked cities are Cuttack, puri etc.
  • Punjab has also joined the list of partially locked down states.
  • Indian Railway has suspended its trains for passengers until 31st march. Only Goods coaches will be carried .
  • Bus services are being halted by many states.

What should we do ?

Governments of various states are acting up on the global pandemic. We have much larger responsibility than the government. Until and unless we don’t become sensible and careful, no government can save us. Strictly follow WHO’s instructions to practice prevention from COVID-19 Infection. There are local heeds to follow such as practicing Social Distancing, being home quarantined and NOT BEING IGNORANT.

Let us inform you that the virus is spreading at a very high rate and would soon capture more than 75% of India’s population if we don’t be careful and cautious. Also read-
Instructions From PM Narendra Modi