Wonders of Yoga at Home


Are you the one who is influenced by the Yoga results and wants to do Yoga but don’t know where to start from? Or are you still searching a right place for your Yoga session?

Well if you are the victim of all these queries, then this article is quite helpful to satisfy your mind. Yes, doing Yoga does not require a perfect time, place and money. Yoga is that remedy which will give you results without spending a single penny. Of course, there are various spots, where Yoga training and classes are held. But our article is a ray of hope for those who really feel lazy stepping out of the house or does not want to spend money. So here is the complete list of how you can perform Yoga at home irrespective of time and money boundation.

1. Take a mat and lay down flat.

All you need to perform yoga is a mat, but if you feel it expensive to purchase, then your bed sheets and blankets are good to go. Once you have your mat with you, Yoga is easy to begin, start with Surya Namaskar and spend at least an hour performing various types of Yoga, which will result your toned and flexible body.

2. Don’t feel bore, call friends at your door.

Doing something alone can be good for a day or two, but after sometime, surely you will feel lazy doing the same activity regularly. So to avoid the boring yoga session, invite your friends and companion at your home and influence them with the benefits of yoga. Surely, from the second day, they will start accompanying you in yoga sessions.

This will not only take away your boring yawns but will also increase the competition in the race of flexible body. 

3. Busy in household chores, Yoga is still on shores

Doing household chores is every women responsibility, and yes being busy in the same, is their excuse to avoid daily fitness routine. But chill on, Yoga can be performed in your tight schedule as well. It’s not a joke!

Anuloom Viloom is a type of yoga which comes in breathing category. All you have to do in this yoga is just breathe from one nostril, while keeping other nostril shut with the help of your thumb. Repeat the same with both nostrils one by one. Through this yoga, maximum amount of oxygen gets into our body and purify our organ system completely.


This  two to three minute procedure can be performed, while

While your cooking is in procedure

While your cloths are revolving in a washing machine

While you are watching TV

While you are waiting for your kids to come from school

While you are brooming with one hand.

While you are observing your maid work

While you are talking on a phone

While you are reading a book and so on.

3. Stressed with work, Yoga is Superb!

Irrespective of all your work loads, doing regular yoga makes you stress free and happier. You must be wondering how so, there are various Yoga aasans, which will flew away all your stress in minutes at your work place and house as well.

Meditation is the most supreme activity in being relaxation list, sitting in meditation for half an hour, relax your muscles and make your mind work stress free. But the question is how to get time for meditation. Well, nothing to worry for that because you have many options in a day to do meditation.  Here are the ideas:

You can do meditation just after you wake up from your bed. You need not have to sit and do meditation, it can be done while lying on bed. Just be calm and evacuate all the tensions out and connect to peace.

If your mornings are in hurry, then relax sleeping time is with you and according to you. Before sleeping, you can do meditation and sleep after that. It will not only relax your nerves but also provide you the positivity.

Even you can perform meditation at your work place as well only if you have a separate cabin. Obviously you need an individual cabin to take out time for yourself. Doing meditation openly in office will surely be fun or yours.


If you lack peace both in office and home, then go in a park and sit there calmly for an hour and do meditation.

It would be awesome, if you own a car, park it side in a silence place and relax your stressful muscles by performing mediation.


So, follow the above mentioned tips and kick start your yoga sessions at home. It will be joyful, healthier and refreshing if you continue it on regular basis.

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