Which Colour You Should Wear, According To Weekdays?


Colours play an important role in human lives. They can easily describe about your lifestyle, status, mood, thinking and nature of living life. All colours are equally vibrant but the fact of choosing them for an occasion or for a day does matters to you. Still confused! Not to worry guys, let me explain you in deep.

Either it is Monday or Sunday, we have to keep ourselves dressed every time, irrespective of situation, place or occasion. We are dressed as per the theme and nature of situation. But today, we have listed few colours we should wear as per the days of week, to become more impressive and energetic. And the best part is that, wearing colours according to the day will have a direct and indirect impact on our mind, soul, work and nature.

So have a look below and try to follow the mentioned colours as per the day.


Monday’s are always boring as after a weekend, a day arrives when we have to continue our daily schedules for next 5-6 days. So on Monday we have to be extra cautious about dress colour, because it will have an impact on us for our rest of the day. Wearing light colours on Monday makes you feel energetic and lively throughout the day. In fact, bright colours will make you look more fresh and active.

Colours you should wear on Monday are: White, light shade of blue, light peach, light yellow, baby pink etc


Tuesday and Wednesday

By Tuesday, we usually get back on our track and know the priorities of our work and same happens in Wednesday as well. So for Tuesday and Wednesday, little dark colours will go better. As on day one, light colour just polishes our moods, so on other two consecutive days, dark one will make you look odd one out and that’s pretty much good in fact.

Colours you can wear on Tuesday and Wednesday are: Green, Blue, Brown, Purple, and Orange



As per astrology, Yellow colour best suits on Thursday, it make you look still brighten up on fourth day of a week. So on Thursday, we advice you to put yellow, orange and lime shade clothes.

Colours you can wear on Thursday are: Yellow, Orange, Saffron, Amber, Lime, and Carrot Orange etc.



Friday is your day and on that day, your personality will enhance by wearing dark colours which may include red, black, blue, brown varieties. In short on Friday, you can go with VIBGYOR.

Colours you can wear on Friday: Black, Red, Brown, Electric Blue, Violet etc.


Saturday and Sunday

Both days are fun days; you can wear any colour, as your mood will already shouting cheer aloud, so colour doesn’t matter. Neither have you had to impress anyone on your weekends. Isn’t it? So have fun on weekends and wear any colour you wish too.



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