TV Personalities Then And Now


Being on television counts you in a public figure, and being a public figure means lots of people admires you, watch you and likes you. So it is necessary to be beautiful and good looking always. These days, every celebrity tries to look as appealing as they can, but few know, that in their starting careers, they were just like the other normal girls. Here we have a big list of Indian television personalities, who changed their looks, skin tone and appearance very much. Some of them went under knife and some just adopted good fashion and makeup sense. To know who they are, check the list below.

Mouni Roy

Nagin actress Mouni Roy is very hot and beautiful actress of television industry. But you will be surprised to see photos of her starting career. She has transformed a lot and we are totally amazed with this transformation.

Divyanka Tripathi

Next comes the Divyanka Tripathi, she is one of the most favorite actress of television. She looks very adorable and sweet, but she was not that beautiful in her old days. We have pictures of Divyanka debut serial, ‘Banu Main Teri Dulhan’, check them below and witness how she has converted from dab to fab.

Paridhi Sharma

Jodha Akbar actress Paridhi Sharma is such a sweetheart girl, who had a reverse transformation. The actor looked very beautiful and elegant in her Jodha character but the diva has recently gained oodles of weight as she became mother to a girl. Check out her pictures.

Juhi Parmar

Kumkum fame Juhi Parmar has transformed her body many times, she was beautiful and slim in her starting days but gained weight after pregnancy. Again Juhi make her comeback with shocking weight loss and best avatar.

Kanika Maheshwari

Kanika became popular after appearing as Meenakshi in ‘Diya Aur Baati’ show. The actress was very thin in start of her career, but gained weight afterwards. Check her image below.

Anita Hassanandani Reddy

Anita is the most glamorous television personality of television industry. But before that she looked little dull and unappealing, Check out her transformation:


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