Ten Possible Signs That Indicates You Are Pregnant


Ten Possible Signs That Indicates You Are Pregnant

A girl becomes a complete woman after getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for every woman which she never forgets in her entire life. The 9 months of pregnancy starts with a good note and beautiful relation between two partners. But to know about your pregnancy is a difficult task for sure. Now a day you can get pregnancy test kits available in the market but mind you girls they are not 100% authentic. But before you go and shop for prega kit, there are few symptoms that clearly shows your early pregnancy and even allow you to take quick action for it or against it, as per your own choice. Therefore, there are ten most possible signs that indicates your early stage pregnancy. Have a look:

Tasteless mouth

At a very early stage of your pregnancy, girls do have tasteless mouth. However, many ignore this and take it lightly. But the real fact is that from the very first day of your pregnancy you will start feeling no taste. That’s the high time; you should test yourself and get the results very early.

Mild Cramping

Mild Cramping usually happens to the women who are in start of their pregnancy and even they feel the same many times throughout the day. It usually happens in your stomach, as you might feel stomach upset and heaviness.


After eating any acidic food or heavy food, you might start feeling bloating and want to avoid the same. But after sexual intercourse, bloating gives you the positive signs of pregnancy.

Pale Urine

Your urine colour tells the best about your body and so happens urine tests in the medical field. Likewise, it also indicates your pregnancy chance, the change of colour in your urine is the sign you need to take care of. Also, during pregnancy you will feel more urine and will rush to washroom to relax your bladders.

Fatigue and Morning sickness

This sign is not instant but many feels fatigue at very early stage. So it is better not to ignore this and start taking care of your body. Morning sickness is again very common and visible sign of your pregnancy as you feel tired and stressed at early morning.

Period Skip

Periods might get skip due to certain health problems but if you skip them after intercourse, then it is the high time you should buy a pregnancy test kit.

Bad Breathe

Yes this is very true, once you conceive you will start noticing bad breathe from your mouth. It may involve some scientific reason but indicates the start of your lovely days.


It is again not the early sign of pregnancy but in certain cases it meant to be. Vomit totally depends on your health conditions. If you are fit and fine then you may feel it later on but weak women usually do vomiting very early.


Burps are the very common thing in early pregnancy and continue during the end. Burping makes your appetite feel full.

Aching Breast

Your breast will start aching and become stiff at very early stage of your pregnancy. It’s size may start increasing and will indicate you clearly about your womb condition.


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