South Indian Tadka: Try These Very Unknown Recipes From South India


South Indian Tadka - Try These Very Unknown Recipes From South India-min

Are you fond of South Indian dishes? Well, I am mad for all South India dishes, snacks, beverages, recipes and desserts. South Indians have magic in their hand, which no one can rob from them. They have the flavors, in their kitchen which allow them to cook simple yet delicious recipes very quickly. Sambhar, Idli, Dosa, Uttapam etc are among the common south Indian flavors, we usually tempt for. But there are immense recipes in South India which you don’t get in any markets, but only in South Indian kitchen. The tadka’s used in South Indian rasoi can be smelled from a distance. It is so powerful and soothing that we can’t hold our saliva from falling out of the mouth. So here the recipe videos of South Indian recipes, you might have not tasted in any market or restaurants:

Lemon Rice Recipe

Puttu / Kerala Puttu

Rasam – South Indian Soup

Chiroti – South Indian Sweet

Kathrikai Podi Curry

Naadan Chicken Curry

Mysore Masala Dosa

Curd Rice







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