Ready To Mouth Recipes, That Gets Ready Without Any Heat!


Cooking a recipe is the hard process for many lazy peoples. In today scenario, everyone needs quick food making with simple procedure. To cut short the cooking times and to reduce the burden of cooking, people have started ordering food from outside, which is not a healthy way to relax your hunger. So for those, who are very far from the cooking term and running short of time, we have few recipes which are easy to make but apart from this, they don’t require any heat to cook. They are simple to make and delicious to taste. Do check the recipes and must try once.

1. Fruit Chaat


Cut some fresh seasonal fruits and mix them altogether in a bowl. Sprinkle either black   salt or some chat masala to enjoy the delicious and healthy Chaat made at home   without heat.

2. Sprouts Chaat


Take some fresh sprouts in a bowl.

Add some freshly chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves, diced cucumber and few   carrots in sprouts bowl.

Add some rock salt and lemon juice.

Enjoy this healthy and tasty recipe made in few minutes.

3. Lassi

Why to feel hungry when you have fresh curd lying in your refrigerator.


Take out some fresh plain curd.

Add sugar as per your taste.

Add some cardamom powder.

Blend the mixture until sugar dissolves in curd.

Enjoy this delicious Lassi straight from Punjab to your home.

4. Sweet n Sour Poha

Soak some Poha in water and drain excess water as Poha gets soft.

Mix some curd in Poha and add spices as per your taste.

Add few drops of honey in the Poha to enhance the sweet taste.

Enjoy this yummy recipe made in just a few minutes.

5. Bhelpuri

In a bowl add some puffed rice, roasted peanuts, aloo bhujiya, roasted chana.

Add some tamarind water, rock salt and spices as per your taste.

Enjoy this light hearted recipe with a cup of tea.

6. Milk Shakes

You can make milk shakes as per your taste choice and enjoy this drink to relax your   tummy.

7. Bread Sandwiches

Take a slice of bread; add some mayonnaise or tomato ketchup on top of the slice.

Place any raw vegetable as per your taste and enjoy the easily made sandwich.



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