Must To Do’s For Healthy And Clear Eyes


Eyes are considered to be the most delicate part of our body and so it needs extra care.  To keep your eyes healthy, hygiene and clear, we have few steps you must involve to your daily life. These steps will not only make your eyes clear and healthy but will also help in increasing your vision. Clarity in eyes is very important to be taken care of, but by constant look on electronic gadgets like mobile phone, television and computer screens, our eyes get tired and require a proper medication. But today we have few precautions, which you can follow and make your eyes feel good in both physical and medical conditions. Must read below:

1. Wash Properly

Always wash your eyes properly with clean water. Washing eyes specifically can be done at early morning and at the time you sleep. But if you want to wash them in between, go ahead.

Wash eyesSource-The Brunette Diaries

2. Eye Drop

Try to add good quality eye drop in your medical box. Pour the eye drop daily or on alternative days at night. This will help in washing dirt of your eyes.

Use Eye DropSource-WebMD

3. No Rubbing

In case you feel itching in your eyes, then don’t rub them harshly. Just wash them and pour eye drop for relaxation.

Don't Rub EyesSource-Sexton Vision Group

4. High Quality products

Try to avoid cheap and low quality eye products as they can work like slow poison for your eyes. Always apply high and laboratory approved products for your eyes.

5. Protective Glass

While watching any high resolution screens of mobile, laptop etc. use protective eye glasses to ensure that your eyes don’t come in contact with the radiant of screen.

protective glassesSource-Youtube

6. Eye Therapy

Eye therapy involves massaging or applying some natural herb on your eyes, so as to make them look beautiful and at the same time, helps in making your eye muscles relax.

Regular Eye TherapySource-Altered States

7. Eye Exercise

Always do eye exercise at least in a day. You can Google to know the best eye exercise that suits you.

8. Sun Glasses

Always wear good quality sun glasses while moving out of the house. It is very important to protect eyes from sun radiations.

use sunglasses

Source-Veterans Affairs

9. Regular Checkup

We recommend you to go for regular eye checkup, because you never know when your eyes will come in contact of any problem. Regular eye checkup helps in observing the problem and assuring a good medication for them.



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