Makeover Your Existing Dresses For This Wedding Season


Makeover Your Existing Dresses For This Wedding Season- cover-min

Wedding season is on hike now and markets are full with varieties of designer clothes to make you feel greedy for the dresses. Lots of wedding invitations might have alarmed you by now to buy new designer and trendy stuff, so as to look different from the crowd. But unfortunately everything comes out of expense, and it is very important to tackle all your bills. So girls, don’t you get to stressed to buy a expensive dress for the coming parties, as we have trendy and affordable ideas for you, which will make you look different without spending any penny. Catch the words below to know what we have for you:

  • Grab your full sleeved high neck top and pair it with any long skirt. You can even match your skirt with plain dark shirt. The attire might look simple but it will became a designer outfit once your paired it with heavy metallic or silver neck piece along with hanging ear rings. It will go very well in any function; no matter it is huge or small.
  • Randomly pick any plain printed sari of your choice, but on one condition that its blouse must have some unusual element which will grab all guest attentions. Think and design a beautiful blouse for plain sari. We bet you, no other will match you in the entire party.

Makeover Your Existing Dresses For This Wedding Season

  • Opt for Anarkali suit, but don’t take Dupatta over it. Let it be simple and elegant without much Indian look.


  • In case you are not willing to remove Dupatta, simply change the way of carrying it. Mind you, one slight change will completely change your look.

Makeover Your Existing Dresses For This Wedding Season


  • In palazzo’s time, it is must that you have it in your wardrobe, so just pick it and match your palazzo with any of the shiny or glittery top. We are pretty sure, you will look amazing after wearing the same.



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