Make Your Way To Assam For Enticing Cuisine


Make Your Way To Assam For Enticing Cuisine

Assam always comes first in alphabetical order of Indian states. It is the beautiful state in the north east part of India. Assam is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and personified view. Though there is one more thing, Assam is famous for and that is delicious food, people of Assam ate and cater. The cuisine of Assam is enticing. Assamese people use natural ingredients, herbs and a variety of animal meat to cook delicious dishes. The street food in Assam also fascinates tourists. With time, snacks and foods from neighboring states have seeped into Assamese food. Here are a few of Assam’s most favourite dishes:

Khaar – An Assamese meat delicacy

Khaar is a delicious curry made from raw papaya, pulses, taro and also with a main non-vegetarian ingredient. All of these is then filtered through dried banana leaves which gives it a unique and an unexpectedly refreshing flavour. It is generally eaten with rice during lunch.


This dish of Assamese cuisine is one of a kind. Laksa is a Malaysian origin spicy noodle soup that comes from a blend of coconut milk, tamarind, flavoured fish paste, and spices.

Duck meat curry

It is a staple street food in Assam, which can awaken your taste buds. The unique taste of this delicious duck meat is heavenly. Duck meat with Ash Gourd (lauki) and whole spices.


Wantons, if cooked properly, taste heavenly. This is, beyond doubt one of the most popular street foods sold in Assamese cities. Wantons are quite similar to momos but they are fried. These small sized fried dumplings may have vegetables and meat based stuffing inside. Wantons are mostly served with red garlic sauce. They are ideal on cold winter evenings or even rainy days.

Ghugni Chatt

This is, beyond doubt one of the most popular street foods sold in Assamese cities. It is a popular evening snack in West Bengal but the dish has become popular as street food in Assam too. This is made by boiling peas and mixing it up with chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes and tamarind chutney. The tangy dish is served hot in small containers with fresh coriander leaves sprinkled on top.


It is one of the most popular snack time dishes, usually eaten at breakfast or with evening tea. There is a wide variety of pithas available. They can be sweet or savoury, steamed or fried, cooked in a many different techniques. This is one of the most technical foods of Assam and needs a lot of precision to get the dish to turn out correct.



They are immensely popular in Assam. These small dumplings made with flours and filled with either meat or chopped vegetables are great for snacks. They are served with fiery tasting chutneys in most places.


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