Essentials You Must Buy Before Winter Arrival


Before winters alarmed us, it is very important to keep yourself prepared so as to avoid any health or skin problems during the season. The weather is showing slow changes day by day and even affecting the human lives due to slow and steady changes.

Winters usually brought two main health problems which including cough and sneeze; therefore before these problems make a house in your body, we are here to provide you the full guide of what you must have in your bag this winter.

  1. Warmers and Warm Stuff

Don’t be fooled by watching the shining sun daily, you must buy a good quality warmer and keep it in stock for sudden winter arrival. Wear your warmers in light winter as well so as to keep distance from chest cough. Also you can buy warm stoles, caps and socks to avoid cold.

Winter arrival - Warmers and Warm Stuff


  1. Lip Balm

In winters, it tends to happen that your lips get rough and dry. So before you reach to the pain stage, have a balm and apply it on your lips on regular intervals.

Winter arrival - Lip Balm


  1. Good Moisturizer

Have a good quality and nourished moisturizer to get rid of dry and broken skin. Apply it daily before leaving for work and do not forget to moisturize your skin in night.

Winter arrival - Good Moisturizer


  1. Cough Relief Candies

Bought some cough relief candies and have one candy per day to avoid throat harshness. Try to keep these candies in your daily bag. Don’t wait for cough to welcome in your throat, eat candies even if you are okay as well.

Winter arrival - Cough Relief Candies


  1. Nuts

Have box of nuts in your bag, as it helps in providing inner heat to your body. Try to exclude cold things and change them with the foods have hot properties.

Winter arrival - Nuts

  1. Handkerchief

Buy a pack of handkerchief as it will be very helpful for you while sneezing and coughing.  But don’t repeat one handkerchief after using it for a day.

Winter arrival - Handkerchief



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