Essentials every girl must have in her bag!


Being a woman is seriously too hectic as we can’t go anywhere empty hands, like man do. We always carry at least a handbag with us, even if we are just going a mile away. And the secret is that we even enjoy carrying a dashing and expensive bag all the time. Of course we have to match the status in society. Lol!

Well carrying a high profile bag with you is not just enough, you need to know about must have essentials in your bag, to complete your day and outing.  These things are not only important but are our life saviors, because we never know what we would require any moment. Here’s the complete list of what girls must carry in their bags, while going to office, for an outing, for trip or anywhere. Check them out!

1) A pack of safety pin

Yup, our lacy dress and inner wear can cheat you anytime. And in that particular situation, safety pins really works like miracle. Do buy a pack now.

 2) A beautiful lip shade

No one knows when do a girl get a call for a meeting or date, and getting prep on the spot is quite an impossible task. But hey! Your lipstick will solve your entire problem. Just apply your lip color nicely and you are good to go.

 3) A good quality Perfume

We all sweat like hell, but girls have to be extra careful about their odour. Smelling bad does not add grace to your personality. Therefore, sprinkle few drops and enjoy raising hands.

 4) Mouth freshener

Girls, it is a recommendation for you all to carry mouth freshener. When never know at what time we have to open our mouth. Surely a bad breathe will downfall your entire attitude. In short, girls should be ready to go anytime wherever they wish to.

 5) Classy goggles

A perfect shade of goggles adds an elegancy to your face, make your personality look better and intimidate yourself a valuable person. So Girls, it’s must to carry awesome pair of shades.

 6) Sanitary Napkins

Oops! It is a secret and all girls are aware of how napkins save you from bad situation. Do carry it girls.

7) Scarf

Stepping out in sun is not good for your skin. We recommend you to hold your cotton scarf always ready in your bag to avoid sun tanning.


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