Eight Bad Habits That Makes You Fat


If you have suddenly gained oodles of weight and still wondering the reason behind that, then this article is very helpful for you to know the root cause of your weight gain. We humans generally does not look into the minor changes of our daily habits, but rather focused on the major part of the problem, and tries hard to solve that. But guys, do you know that there are many small habits which are responsible for our every health issues. Yes, the small habits which we continue for long time, tends to start changing our body. This procedure specially applies to our weight gain or loss. Today we have eight such habits, which really make us fat day by day. We recommend you to go through them and quickly change these habits into healthy ones.

Skipping Breakfast

It is good to be in hurry, but it is worse to skip your first meal of the day in hurry. Always eat healthy and complete meal in your breakfast. Because the food we intake in the morning boosts our metabolism and gives us constant energy throughout the day.

No regular Meals

Eating minimum three times in a day counts to be in regular meal. So try to eat atleast three times in a day. According to study, eating five times in a day is also good but the condition of small portions follows in this. Your ingredients in regular meals should not be repeated, keep on changing the ingredients so that your body gets all necessary vitamins, proteins, carbs and calcium.

Bad Timings

Bad timings of meal mean the improper time schedule of your food intake. The scientific and healthier time of eating are mentioned below:

Breakfast: 8 am to 9am

Lunch: 1 pm to 2 pm

Dinner: 7pm to 8 pm.

Study suggests that there should be minimum 4 hour break before your next meal. This helps in proper digestion and active metabolism.

Late Night Starving

The late night eating habits are very dangerous that results in obesity. Especially tummy and lower area gets fatten, when you have a habit of regular craving for food late at night. Try to avoid all kind of craving and starving by drinking lots of water or by eating fresh fruits. Eating fruits late at night vary from person to person, so keep a check on this, before including them into your late night snack category.

Unbalanced diet

An unbalanced diet is not eating variety of foods that give you the most nutrients for the calories they contain. An unbalanced diet also supplies you with either more or fewer of certain nutrients than your body needs. So it is very important to eat healthy and balanced diet, which gives everything our body needs to work and to stay strong.

Too Much White

Intake of too much white is not at all a healthy idea for your body. Try to avoid all such whites including sugar, rice, salt, Maida etc. Do not exclude them permanently from your diet instead make their quantity to minimal level.

Frying Addicted

Skip all fried foods you always want to need. Try to have control on your craving and learn to choose a supplement of fried foods. At initial stage, you can eat low fried foods to make a habit of skipping fried items.


Your name is not going to be added in the Guinness book, if you have a habit of finishing all meal lying in front of you. Know your appetite and try to eat only that much. There is no need to finish whatever is pending on the dining table. Once you stop overeating, results will be easily visible on your health.


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