Chakh De Pulao! 15 Most Widely Eaten Pulao’s In India


Chakh De Pulao! 15 Most Widely Eaten Pulao’s In India-min

India is heritage of recipes, herbs, spices and rice. We Indians love to eat rice no matter what ever is the occasion, time or season. Rice is one such thing every part of India loves to have and eats on daily basis. But always having plain rice or khichidi is not the better option; instead we should explore our Indian meal and try to find out the other recipes of Rice. Though there are immense number of rice recipes, but out of all we choose Pulao and explored India and found the different types of Pulao’s we Indian haves in our plates. Check out the mentioned below Pulao recipes and do try them once at your home, to taste the flavor of different parts of India. So here we go!

Sweet Corn Pulao


Tawa Pulao


Vegetable Pulao


Paneer Pulao


Coconut Milk Pulao


Jeera Aloo Pulao


Matar Pulao


Kashmiri Pulao


Chana Dal Pulao


Anda Pulao


Methi Matar Pulao


Chicken Pulao


Palak Pulao


Zarda Pulao


Tomato Pulao






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