Bollywood Celebrities Who Make Us Desire for Garma Garam Chai


Advertisements which feature Bollywood celebrities are count to be the most trustworthy for the customers.

And to grab the customer’s attentions, companies usually use celebrity face for their ads and also make them brand ambassador of the product. Today we have few such celebrities who motivated us to drink tea and we must tell you for a single cup of tea, they are heavily paid.

Tata Tea

Watch the most exciting video of Javed Jafry and Anu Aggarwal promoting Tata Tea.

Here is Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan motivating us for tea.

Red Label

Veteran Piyush Mishra is filling the religion difference through this ad.

Taaza Tea

In this tea ad, Pallavi Sharda is motivating to be fresh.

Lipton Green tea

Shraddha Kapoor helps us in losing weight through this commercial.

Pataka Chai

Urmila look wonderful in this Pataka Chai advertisement.

Brook Bond Taj Mahal

Look at Saif Ali Khan, making us feel craving for the tea.

Marvel Tea

And last but not the least; Kareena Kapoor Khan enhanced the taste of Marvel tea with her glowing and graced beauty.


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