This Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Is Having Joyful Time On California Streets


This Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Is Having Joyful Time On California Streets

Being a Bigg Boss contestants matters a lot as it changes your previous life into an amazing one. Though it does not apply on every contestant but for many it happens. Recently we have found one ex BB contestant who is having a plenty of enjoyable time in California.

Bani J, the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 10 has ringed New Year on California streets. The girl has shared some of beautifully captured snaps on Instagram and we love them. Bani has posed alone in all her pics which forced us to wonder whether she had gone for an alone trip. Anways, her stunning pictures are good enough for us to imagine our trip to California. Check out her pictures below:

I'm not always flexing. Its good to stay soft, especially on the inside. I Shape my World. _______________________________ #ishapemyworld #liveinLevis @levis_in ______________________________ It's funny how when we go through difficult/ challenging times in life people always say it's supposed to 'harden' and 'toughen' us up. It's funny because I've done the whole 'grow a thicker layer of skin to deal with these industry folk etc', but over time (and many many repeat lessons) I realized I learn a lot more by staying soft- in those 'hard/ difficult/ challenging' times. It doesn't mean you just sit there and take it and cry yourself a river and then waddle through it – no, it means you learn from it, grow through it and hopefully don't let it take the joy from going through something similar later. You get better at recognising it for what it is, chaos outside of yourself; and don't let it affect your (inner) Joy, your peace. I hope that made sense, I tried 🙂 ❤️🤙🏼

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