Best Things To Gift Your Wife This Karwa Chauth


Karwa Chauth is a Hindu festival widely followed by married women, who do fasting for whole day for their husband’s healthy living life. This year, Karwa Chauth is on 8th October 2017 and in some places it is on 9thOctober. Dates don’t matter as it is the special day for women and their husbands.

So Men’s, it is the right time to show your love for your beautiful wives by gifting them unique and surprising gifts. We are here to help you bit in finding the right gift for your partner. So here is the list below, from which you can take nice ideas.  Have a look!

  • Gold OR Diamond

Gold and diamonds are always loved by the women, so it is the first choice and most loved choice to gift on Karwa Chauth. Although it is a bit expensive for many, but we believe there are so many men who must have saved for this occasion. So in gold and diamonds, you can buy your woman:






Neck Chain

  • Wrist watch

As now days all women are fashionable and trendy, gifting a nice costly wrist watch would be a very nice idea. Go and buy a classy watch for your lady.

  • Beautiful Sari/Dress

Yes we agree this is an old fashioned tradition of gifting sari and dress, but it is sweet idea, and even affordable as your wife can wear your gift on the special occasion of Karwa Chauth.

  • New Mobile Phone

New mobile phone does not mean any average phone. It would be so nice if you gift her new apple phone. We bet you, she will never argue with you again if you go with I phone idea.

  • Movie Date

Go on a late night movie date and spend some time together. This gift is cheap and little trying but goes well with many couples.

  • A Foreign Trip

Oh Gosh! Don’t you dare to blame us for this as there are so many husbands who have already gifted a foreign trip to their wives? We have just given you the idea, rest is on you.

  • Candle Night Dinner

This a beautiful treat to your wife, as she will be on fast for whole day. So taking her on beautiful candle night year will really impress her. But choose the best restaurant in your locality.


  • Combo Of Cosmetics

Yeah! This is so must to gift item. You don’t have to anything , just go to market, ask the vendor to pack some high quality cosmetics, including lipstick, nail colour, night cream, eye shadow, mascara and many more.


  • Collage

Collect all your marriage photographs and make a beautiful collage to hang on wall. We are pretty sure this gift will bring back all your loveable memories.

marriage collage

  • Take Her For Shopping

This one could be the most expensive gift out of all mentioned above. But if you have guts then go with her for shopping.




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