Best Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth


Imagine, you are beautifully dressed carrying a positive attitude and style, walking in a grand hall with your beautiful clutch and heavy makeup, and suddenly one of your friend hit your back to say Hi, and instantly you respond him/her with your huge wide smile. And the moment you opened your mouth, your friend got struck after watching your yellow dirty teeth. No…….that shouldn’t be happen with you. So to avoid this tooth complexion, we have few home remedies, which will make your teeth shine like a pearl. Also, the bad breathe of your mouth will be vanished and your gums will become strong with all these below mentioned tricks:


Brush Twice In a Day

You must brush your teeth regularly twice in a day. One is of course in morning and other is before you go to sleep.

Except water, do not eat or drink anything after brushing your teeth in night, because the food or drink we intake in night remain in our mouth for 7-8 long hours without any disturbance.

This will lead in bacteria growth in huge amount, which results in bad breathe, tooth decay and cavity.

Massage Mustard Oil

Once in a day or two, try to apply mustard oil on your teeth and gums.

Gently massage the oil and keep it in your mouth for some time.

You can also gargle mustard oil.

This helps in making your teeth whitish and removes the signs of pariah.

Apply Yellow Paste

Make a yellow paste with mustard oil, turmeric and pinch of rock salt.

Apply this paste on your teeth and gums and gently rub.

Clean your mouth with Luke warm water.

You can exercise this remedy daily or thrice in a week.

Cinnamon and Honey

Try to chew cinnamon stick, this helps in fresh breathe.

Apply paste of cinnamon powder and honey mix, to make your teeth look like pearl.


Lemon is again a good remedy for tooth; gently rub the slice of lemon and washout with warm water.

Don’t try lemon, if you have broken or bleeding gums.

CC Process

CC process includes mixture of clove and coconut oil, try to apply this mixture and get the instant results.

This is also a relief remedy for tooth pain.

Note: All these remedies may vary from person to person, avoid if you have allergies with any of the above mentioned ingredients.




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