8 Basic Routine Tips For Flawless Skin


To look beautiful is everyone’s desire, but to keep yourself beautiful is a tough job to do. People spent lots of money to keep their skin look good and healthy. Buying expensive products and spending most of the time in salons is not the only way to have a flawless skin. But there are some basic routines which we have to follow regularly to make our skin look always glowing. We have listed below few of the basic routine tips for a flawless skin.

Do not experiment with your skin.

Applying one product after other is not a good way to treat your skin. Try to avoid multiple products, instead use one brand, which suits you the best. This condition applies with all your beauty and hair products. Experimenting different stuff makes your skin harsh and rough. So it is better to use only one brand and continue with it for longer time.

Drink Lots of Water

Try to calculate the liters of water intake in your body by dividing half of your weight. It means if you weigh 50 kg, then you must drink at least 25 glasses of water in a day.  Water works like a magic, which makes your skin glowing and natural. It is always best to carry a water bottle with you whenever stepping outside.

Eat Healthy

Try to eliminate all junk and carbs from your diet. It may be hard to do, but once start making it a habit, it will show onto your skin very clearly. The food we eat has a revealing impact on our skin. So it is better to eat good proteins and low-carb foods. Include dairy products and fresh leafy vegetable and fruits into your appetite.

Deal with Decency

Always deal your skin with decency; never try to force anything on your skin by applying low grade products. Know your skin type first and then only deal with it.

Apply Moisturizer

Always keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized, by applying good quality moisturizer. It is must to apply moisturizer all over the body before going to sleep. It will make your skin more smooth and delicate. In night times, skin gets the right time to heal and breathe.

Remove Makeup

Don’t put on your make up unnecessarily; try to avoid being always make up ready. It is good to make your skin relax by keeping it natural. It is a compulsory warning to remove your make up before sleeping. As makeups are usually made up with chemical, they work like hell in the nights.

Use Body Wash

Instead of using chemical filled soaps, try to make use of body wash. As body wash are more organic and in liquid form, our body does not get harmed with them. Soaps are rough and tough to use, they make your skin broken and dry.


Performing exercise on regular basis, will surely have an impact on your skin. Apart from making you fit and healthy, exercise is best remedy to have a blossoming skin. Do yoga aasans, and walk in green grass are few of the exercise forms, which have quick results on your skin.


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