6 Bollywood Actors, Who Are One-Woman Man


Bollywood industry looks very glamorous from distance, but as you reach near to it, you will start getting updates of trouble in this show off industry. Nothing is permanent in this town, neither your commitments nor your relationships. It keeps on changing with the time and money. There are many relations in B town which broke in between because of attraction with someone else or by trust issues. Here we have few of Bollywood Men who strictly remain and are committed to only one woman in their life. They come in the category of loyal husbands of Bollywood, who loved their first choice for ever. Do you want to meet such trustworthy men of this tussle town, then check it below:

1. Imraan Hashmi

No matter how flirty and seductive he is on screens, but in real life, Imraan is very loyal to his wife Parveen Shahani. Imraan always quotes a fact about his marriage that he never involved in any relationship after or before meeting Parveen. The couple got married in 2006 after a six and a half year relationship.

In spite of Imraan’s hot scenes with other actresses, Parveen has full trust on her husband and so is Imraan is, who keep his professional and personal lives in two distinct places.

2. Irrfan Khan

The real talent Irrfan Khan found his soul partner in Sutapa Sikdar. The couple met in National School of Drama and had fallen for each other. The couple is married for 22 years now and has been each other’s support system. We admire Irrfan for his loyalty and found him lucky enough to get the true partner in first attempt.

3. Sohail Khan

Younger brother of Salman Khan, Sohail is a true loyal husband to his wife Seema Sachdev Khan. Sohail and Seema did love marriage in 1998 and the couple is blessed with two boys. However, few years ago, Sohail was allegedly linked up with Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi, but Sohail denied these gossips and asked for a valid proof for his affair. Seema always stood by his husband side and the couple is true and honest with each other.

4. Riteish Deshmukh

We can bet you that there won’t be any other loyal man in industry as Riteish Deshmukh is for his wife Genelia D’souza. After having two sons, still this couple looks so refreshing and fresh. They are very much in love with each other. Before getting married, the couple was in relationship for almost a decade. Hey Reteish, we love you for being committed to only one woman.

 5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is married to Aliya Anjali Siddiqui, the couple had an arrange marriage in 2008. Since then, Anjali is always with her husband side in all his ups and downs, and so is the Nawazuddin. Nawaz is not involved to any affair so far, and always wants to be loyal towards his wife.

6. Anil Kapoor

Mr. India of Bollywood is committed to her lovely wife Sunita Kapoor and has three talented children with her. Anil is very loyal to his wife and we have never heard of our Lakhan’s serious or random affairs, neither in his past nor in present. However, once Madhuri Dixit was linked with the actor, but both of them denied this news by calling it a gossip.  His kids will surely be proud of their dad to be a one women man.


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